Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Ghost Encounter

To add to the fun of Halloween , let me tell you a true ghost story.  Some years ago I met a woman who told me about a ghost that was bothering her family where she lived in a small town of New Jersey.  This woman was a nurse and a brilliant student of anthropology. She had two younger daughters.  She explained that this ghost liked to appear in the bathroom where she and her daughters showered.  In short, this ghost was a double creep—a creepy ghost and creepy gaper at the girls while they showered.  All in all, about nine people , including her husband and friends had some kind contact with the creepy phantom.


So I asked her if she would mind allowing me to spend a night in her house, to see if the ghost would pay me a visit.  She agreed and when I arrived rather late one evening she set me up downstairs on a couch facing a fireplace where this dirty-minded apparition liked to show up.  So I installed myself on the couch with my notebook and pencil, and the rest of the family all went upstairs and left me alone on my ghost watch. 


It was well after midnight and I was wide awake and reading a book.  I did not expect anything to happen.  Suddenly—it was well after one in the morning—I heard the sound of a gong ring.  Startled, I looked around and noticed a gong and a stick hanging on the wall.  I got up and used the stick to strike the gong—it produced the exact sound I just heard.  Well, I’ll be! I thought, the dirty old ghost is here—where else could that sound have come from? 


I went back to my couch, gleeful at my success over what I heard.  I leaned back and wrote up the time and what I heard.  I then looked up and peered into the fireplace about ten feet away from me.  Something moved.  Then I noticed a human form, sort of transparent rippling in the corner, which then charged right toward me.  It immediately wrapped itself around me, and I was paralyzed.  I wanted to cry out—“He’s here!” but couldn’t.  I was too astonished to feel fear when after a long two seconds it vanished and let me go.  I then wrote it up and recounted my experience in the morning to my friend over breakfast.


This was not my only encounter with ghosts, but it was by far the most interesting.

Happy Halloween, folks! I can assure you.  Ghosts are real.



Tim said...

Which means we must survive 'death'!

Michael Grosso said...

It certainly looks that way.

ecoecho said...

I know for a FACT that ghosts are real also!! I did my intensive qigong meditation training to finish my master's degree - as you know - and after I fasted for a week yet my energy increased from meditation - I saw ghosts hovering in from outside - in the woods - at a retreat center - they hovered around Chunyi Lin the qigong yoga master who was meditating in full lotus. I didn't say anything to anyone about what I saw - humans shaped light - yellow light - several of them. He said they regularly come to him to get healed and he heals the ghosts by sending them into the Emptiness - the bright Absolute Void that is impersonal!
I also had recently read the most famous biography of Phra Acharn Mun - the most famous Buddhist meditation yoga master of thailand. It's a free read online. He also describes healing ghosts also.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect
against hackers? I'm kinda paranoid about losing everything I've worked hard on. Any tips?

ecoecho said...

I posted actual levitation demonstrated via one finger hand stand and more!

Michael Grosso said...

To Anonymous,I don't quite understand what you feel so paranoid about.

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