Michael Grosso's  Featured Interviews:

  • Coast to Coast: Grant Pass, OR   2/3/16. Radio host George Noory interviews Michael Grosso about his study of St. Joseph of Copertino, who was known as a great mystic. Dr. Grosso became interested in the St. Joseph case, as it was very well documented and challenges the dominant materialist worldview.

  • The Steve Gruber Show: Lansing, MI 2/3/16.  Michael Grosso is interviewed on this radio program on the subject of St. Joseph of Copertino and the mystery of levitation. 

  •  Shattered Reality!:  3/1/16. Paranormal podcast with hosts Kate Valentine and Fahrusha. This is a radio interview with Michael Grosso about his research into the case of Joseph of Copertino also known as, "The Flying Saint".

  •  The Epoch Times: Charlottesville, VA  3/30/16. "History's Most Outstanding Case of Levitation, Witnessed by Multitudes: Expert Discusses", written by Tara Macisaac.


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