Monday, November 22, 2021

Four Facts That Could Change Everything

The U.S. government has finally revealed the truth about the presence of an unknown agency  in our air space, so-called unidentified flying objects, UFOs, or UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena. They are intelligent and apparently like to play with humans in the sky, dancing rings around our most advanced jet planes.     


This may well be the most interesting fact uncovered in human history.  Like no other, it’s pregnant with huge implications. It competes with Covid-19, looming climate catastrophe, and the rise of fascism.


The  alien presence is not going away.  Is there anything else we can say that we know about this alien presence? We know that since the 1940s it is interested in our nuclear weapons industry. Robert L. Hastings documents in detail this unsettling connection in UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites (2008).  The unidentified Intelligence is observing our nuclear weapons sites.  It may seem to the aliens that we’re in extreme danger.  One wonders.  Are they prepared to intervene in the event of a nuclear crisis?


So, something unidentified is present with  us on Earth; technologically quite beyond us.  Second, this unknown intelligence is concerned about  our world-destroying atomic arsenal.


There is also a third fact of great significance, made especially clear in John Mack’s abduction studies.  The appearances—the supposed craft and humanoid personnel—change and assume forms suitable to the time, culture, and personality of the witnesses to whom they appear. In short, the Entity that is haunting our planet is a shape-shifter, par excellence.   Its substance seems to be light, which can be turned on or off in a flash; reshape itself; it can materialize into all manner of ‘craft’ and humanoid—or god or angel or demon. 


There is a  fourth fact implied by the shapeshifting nature of the entity. The active presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth allows for new ways of interpreting famous events in the history of religion.   Two examples come to mind. 


In the Book of Exodus we are told about a voice of God that spoke to Moses from a burning bush, instructing him to lead the Israelites from bondage to freedom.  The voice and light from a ‘burning’ bush is a spiritual breakthrough motif found in many forms and creeds, and turns up often enough among UAPs.


For my second example, fast forward to Fatima, Portugal, 1917, and 70, 000 people assembled at the Cova da Iria waiting for a miracle predicted by children who claimed to commune with the Virgin Mary. Well, the 70,000 witnessed the sun in the form of a luminous disk plunge to Earth and then shoot back up into the sky in zigzag fashion.  The “Miracle of the Sun,” it was thought. What the 70,000 flabbergasted witnesses saw was an unidentified disk of light descend and rise in the typical zigzag UFO pattern.  The skeptics and communist anti-religionists were blown away, especially when all the reports of healing came in.   And if Judaism and Christianity, why not anybody in any spiritual crisis or transition?


 The big point: there now seems an extraordinary body of facts about which there can be little doubt.  I listed only four of these, but there are others.  The four facts, once again, ought to concentrate our minds.


1. There is an intelligent and super-technical entity in our air space that cannot be overtaken or controlled.  The technology appears super-physical; almost as if the core energy were psychokinetic.


2. The entity emerged into full view almost in tandem with the appearance and use of nuclear weaponry (mid 20th century). The UFOs seem curious and concerned.


3.  The entity is a shape-shifter. It possesses the magical power to appear in different forms, adapting itself to specific cultural and existential needs, and to make itself vanish at will.


4. The foregoing force us to ask what role this intelligent entity has played in the history of religions. Ever since Jacques Vallee and John Keel commented on the UFO features of the Fatima phenomena, I’ve asked myself: Is some evolved entity or cosmic club orchestrating visionary experiences that support the life of certain religions?  I wonder how readers feel about registering these strange facts, whether  with a sense of wonder or of Angst?  Or, . . . ?



Zeek Wolfe said...

The essays in the Bigelow afterlife contest (winner won half a million dollars) seem to point in a 'time' direction, a unifide field of the paranormal, occult, science and religion. If the past, present and future are all at the same time, then the obvious intelligence performances seen, by now, millions of people come from not somewhere else but 'somewhen' else. A ghost startled by a real person as described in "The Ghost in the Machine" may be an example of the past and present meeting in the room of a very old house. UFOs/UAP are from the future, the distant future through physical and psychic processes that one quarter of one percent may be understood or intelligently guessed at by modern physics.

Michael Grosso said...

Thanks for your comment, Zeek. I agree that we are ensconced in a transpersonal field of consciousness that embraces all aspects of our experience, and sometimes can be quite shocking, as in some precognitive episodes I've had, that threw my concept of time into disarray.

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