Monday, November 7, 2022

From a UFO to the Mind of God


The book I want to call attention to is a record of what happens to a rational man who has an experience that blows his mind and transforms his life and his worldview, radically and completely. Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, a lawyer who lived with his family in Florida, is the author; the title is The Mind of God: A Spiritual-Virtual Reality of Consciousness & The Contact Modalities (2022) Buy at Amazon.  There is a very large amount of material here, the author’s views and experience, alongside many other authors and their views.


So what happened on that March day in 2012?   At the root of this story is Nena, a  dying dog. On the date cited above, the author writes: . . . my wife and I had a joint experience with what I now call an “Energy Being” in our living room that miraculously healed our paralyzed Russel Terrier, a family member called Nena, that we were going to euthanize later that afternoon.”  They were going to meet that afternoon with the family vet, Dr. Phil Cruz to relieve Nena of her pain. . Meanwhile RH’s Catholic wife  was praying all the previous night to save the dog.  In the morning, she gets RH out of bed to come downstairs and when he follows her downstairs, the first thing he sees is that his wife and dog disappear!


 He continues--“I then saw this Energy Being floating in the corner of our living room—I appeared to have tunnel vision and all around me was dark and not visible.  The intelligence appeared in the shape of a rectangle approximately four feet off the ground.  It had no hard edges because it was pure energy.  It had multiple colors that were fluctuating like a desert mirage.”


Meanwhile, his wife and dog had disappeared, but RH walks back upstairs to sleep  for another hour in a kind of baffled trance.  He believes he was being telepathically controlled by the being he had seen.  When he wakes up from his imposed sleep, he goes back down to the living room where he finds his wife shouting that the angels cured Nena, and indeed there is the 15 year-old near dead dog rejuvenated, healed, and frisking about like a puppy.  Nena lived on for several years.


Angel or energy being, whatever it was, inspired the wonderstruck lawyer to hurl himself into gaining some insight into the mystery of the strange visitation and the miraculous healing. But that’s not all. The healing was a kind of initiation to further unexplained experiences. Soon after the first encounter, RH’s wife (whom he never names) steps out of the house at night and prays, tries to  express her gratitude for the miracle of her dog’s life.   Her prayers apparently were heard and the angel-energy entity—whatever it was-- apparently nodded back.  According to RH, his wife and later himself succeeded on numerous occasions to induce, in the presence of other witnesses, including family, various ufological and parapsychological phenomena.


Hernandez was taken up with the task spreading the research into the whole medley of extraordinary phenomena that jointly seem to point to a universe of transcendence that science and everybody needs to know about.  The author put all his energies into reading the various literatures centered on the empirics of transcendence; he contacted various scientists and scholars interested in the same; through contact with the Apollo Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, he helped form the Consciousness and Contact Research Center, CCRI.  This group of scholars and scientists have produced an impressive mass of very interesting data, relative to the Hernandez strange encounter with an unknown healing agency. The research into this data is being in several separate volumes. (See A Greater Reality: The New Paradigm of Nonlocal  Consciousness, the Paranormal & the Contact Modalities. Volumes 1&2).


Hernandez summarizes vast amounts of the research findings.   The Mind of God is a valiant attempt to sketch a picture of the amazing universe we inhabit, based on traditional ideas and masses of recently garnered evidence that force us toward a worldview that celebrates the primacy of mind and consciousness.  The author  welds together two fields of study that usually are a bit standoffish to each other, parapsychology and ufology.  Two general points about this new CCRI data strike me as notable.   First is the fact that many of the experiencers have had both types of experience, the Ufo-ish spectrum and garden-variety paranormalities.  Another notable finding is that some folks have these experiences in abundance and throughout their lives. 


There is another feature of The Mind of  God: focusing on the various  modalities in which humans make contact with the Transcendent, Hernandez makes the case for the ultimate oneness of the human spirit.  All the religions, arts and sciences, each through the finite lens they are looking through, ultimately converge on the one transcendent source of enlightenment.   The challenge is to try to live this insight, to act it out on the plane of everyday life, socially, economically and politically—and above all, ecologically.  There is enough data in this book and its partner volumes to justify optimism about our possible human future.  The book also demonstrates the remarkable power of human experience.  A single experience, a moment of shattering  insight, can remake a life.







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Yes, I would think a mind-blowing event would most likely bring significant insights and change our own paradigm. But a small unexplainable synchronicity can change a path that does make an incredible difference in someone's life.

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