Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Cracking the UFO Mystery

The United States government has acknowledged that something visible and intelligent has repeatedly been observed in our air space whose nature, purpose, and origin are unknown.  The good news--no signs of mass panic or hysteria.  Even so, the apparent superhuman technology of the UFOs—their ability to play games with us in space as if we were children—are reasons the Government might be feeling uneasy these days.


We cannot deny the presence of entirely unknown powers beyond human capacity.  The phenomenon emanates from a source outside ordinary terrestrial existence.  No one seems to know what is really going on here. I would like to toss out a few speculations on how we might understand the phenomenon.  

There are two forms of my explanation, based on the premise of the existence of paranormal data (ESP and PK). The big psi-hitters we find among yogis, shamans, saints, near-death experiencers, and other rightly disposed personality types.


We don’t know the limits of human psi-powers.  Joseph of Copertino’s telepathic abilities were so extensive that his superiors insisted that he stop commenting on the thoughts of the brothers around him whenever they strayed from their prayers or spiritual thoughts.  Talk about not respecting boundaries!  Joseph moved weighty objects around that would normally require ten men.  On one testy occasion in a dispute he sent a bolt of force that knocked somebody off his horse; the dispute ended in a warm embrace  between the two men. 


Joseph affected his clothing or even the walls around him so that things he used or touched were collected and preserved as sacred relics because they emanated unearthly fragrances, sometimes persisting for years.  The friar managed to make light of gravitation and was (shall we say) a frequent flyer and several times was caught bilocating; he was seen by, and interacted with, people in two different cities at the same time.  (There are sworn affidavits for this admirable performance, documented in The Man Who Could Fly.)


Imagine if Joseph appeared in a space suit to somebody in contemporary America, say, Mitch McConnel; it would be reported as a case of alien visitation.    I have no difficulty supposing that somewhere in the galaxies, much, much older and more evolved lifeforms have developed the psychic powers we humans possess. Improving on Joseph’s supernormal relationship to mass and space, the more evolved intelligent lifeforms might have learned to cruise around the galaxies, unobstructed by time or space.   


If so, it must have been quite a bonanza to stumble on our beautiful planet, now dominated by an intelligent species whose psychospiritual evolution is obviously stunted.  If they’ve been visiting and observing us since the first cave painters and the great ancient civilizations, they may have noticed when we figured out how to blow up the whole planet up with nuclear weapons in the 1940s.  But their excitement (assuming they have emotions) must have really peaked when they realized we were on a path of destroying the entire life ecologies of the planet by overheating the planet. 


The visitors are by no means all nice guys. Anyone who reads Bob Pratt’s masterful and truly frightening UFO Danger Zone will be convinced of that.  Another problem is that the visitors have strong leanings toward deceit and mendacity.   These visitors supposedly from outer space resemble us terrestrials, lots of liars and psychopaths, types we’re  familiar with.    


But another interpretation is possible.  The visitors are real.  But they come not from outer but from inner space, from another dimension of our subliminal being.  We scarcely know the limits or the boundaries of our minds because all our minds are aspects of the one mind that lies hidden beneath the threshold of ordinary awareness. 


Beneath that threshold, even as we walk in our sunlit working world, our deep stories are unfolding, our dream selves are active, but in ways we can only guess or infer as possible.  What indeed is happening below the threshold?  And how, if possible, to connect with the wonders churning in the psychic underground of our being.  The more evolved beings, the configurations of higher consciousness, the elves and fairies, angels and demons, gods and goddesses—they’re alive and well, nested in the crannies of the subliminal universe.  They’re waiting, yearning for the right time, the right person, the right synchronicity—to connect with us..


So what I’m suggesting: the UFO visitors come from outer space, beings much more evolved from potentials we already possess in germ or they come from the subliminal depths of our own living psyches.   Both options are a mind stretch.


The crisis of survival we’re facing as a species is forcing a confrontation with our cosmic brothers and sisters or with the hidden agents of our own potential evolution.  These are possible explanations, as far as I can see.  I know they sound a bit extreme; but the ultimate facts of nature may be more far out than anything we can imagine. And equally real are the shockingly strange powers that people and circumstances sometimes exhibit.   As to the latter, my book, Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief should ground the reader in the solid fare of true weirdness and authentic impossibilities.  



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