Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UFOs and Nukes

by Michael Grosso:

Above is the title of a film available on Netflix and of a book by the same person, Robert Hastings.  The film has momentous significance for life on earth, if what it reports is true.  The documentation, witnesses interviewed, and footage that appears are very difficult to dismiss.  The major point of the film, and of the book, is not just that UFOs, or close encounters with them, are real.

The claim is that UFOs from the beginning have been concerned with the creation, testing, and storage of nuclear weaponry. The most astonishing reports claim that on several occasions American nuclear technical operations have been disabled by UFOs.  Similar reports of UFOs interacting with Russian nuclear operations are presented.

The main idea that comes across is the presence of an extraterrestrial power and intelligence that has monitored and tried to temper the growth of atomic weapon systems.  Needless to say, if this story is true, the government is guilty of concealing information of grave significance. The book is 603 pages.  The film is packed with history, interviews and witness after witness of UFO events centered around nuclear installations. 

It looks as if a technology of extraterrestrial origins is trying to prevent us from committing nuclear suicide.  It doesn’t seem to be succeeding. John Mack, the Pulitzer-prize winning psychiatrist, worked with hundreds of people (from all walks of life) who claimed being abducted by aliens and subjected to a transformation process.  The UFO encounter, according to Mack, involved a transformation of consciousness, the necessary step needed to avert nuclear suicide.

My view of UFOs is that they are not spacecraft travelling across galaxies, but entities and scenes erupting into our consciousness from another dimension or by means unknown to us of tunneling through space and time. There does seem, along with this super technology, an apparently benign intent.  

Meanwhile, the government, according to Hastings’ witnesses, has systematically covered up, denied, and misinformed the public about the reality of UFOs and their connection with the nuclear weapons industry.  The evidence is also available in Leslie Kean’s UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials. The sub-title is the point.  The evidence is based on the best types of testimony that one could expect for UFO encounters.  Kean states that the recurrent connection between UFO activities and nuclear weapon sites may provide the key to understanding the modern UFO phenomenon.

John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and others have remarked on the UFO-Marian vision connection.  An artist friend of mine went to Medjugorge out of curiosity and saw a UFO—a geometric light-structure—not the Virgin.  Other witnesses agreed with her, but at first were shy to describe what they saw.  It is just possible that UFOs represent an agency that projects images at certain times into the consciousness of people in crisis, in tune with the religious symbols of the culture.

Experience breeds receptivity.  I had a memorable encounter with a UFO in Greenwich Village on Bedford Street, witnessed also by my girlfriend and my neighbor.  We were listening to John Coltrane’s “The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost” one clear April evening when we looked out the sixth-floor window and saw a cluster of lights in the sky dancing, it seemed, in rhythm with Trane’s music.  After a few seconds, the lights shot to the top of the dome of Our Lady of Pompeii, a few blocks north: there the lights pulsed and beamed briefly, then bolted north at super speed, vanishing over the Empire State building. Astonished, we ran one flight up to the roof where we met our open-mouthed neighbor who had seen the same thing we saw, noting, breathlessly, the entity’s utter silence.

This experience shook up my worldview. I felt with certainty that the intelligence cavorting in the air outside our window was in tune with Trane and aware of us, and to prove it, went to the dome of Our Lady of Pompeii, clearly connecting with Trane’s title, “The Father, the Sun, and the Holy Ghost.”  The aftereffect of this encounter was electrifying, and coincidentally, I had just turned my neighbor (his name was Louie) on to the music of John Coltrane.

I never forgot the sensation of having made contact with an intelligence of unknown origins.  The effect felt benign (I saw images of mirth and amity). In a way, the improbable events came about because of the music. I wonder if it put us into a state of mind that somehow attracted, made us more receptive, or linked us to the light intelligence, whatever it was.

So back to the shocking idea that an intelligence transcending the military abilities of the world’s powerful nations has been observing, interacting, and trying  to counter the risk of global nuclear suicide—a risk that is higher today than any time during the Cold War.

In her new book, Sleepwalking to Armageddon, physician Helen Caldicott castigates world leaders for ignoring the growing nuclear peril (for the evidence, read her book). 

Regarding the vulture corporations that stand to profit from nuclear anxiety, she writes: “America also plans to spend $1 trillion over the next thirty years, replacing every single hydrogen bomb, submarine, ship missile and airplane.” This use of the nation’s wealth is proof of the moral insanity of the American empire.  Season with statements and threats from the White House that reveal a new readiness to deploy atomic weapons.  Not a happy picture. 

Since world leaders are apparently sleepwalking through history, one can at least fantasize about some benign forestalling of nuclear Armageddon.  But it is a fantasy—and this makes it interesting—grounded in matters of startling fact.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine wise harmonious leaders who unite and allow the human race to evolve without fear and the need for weapons!

Gary Ares said...

After recently learning about string theory it is clear that everything in the universe with an atomic structure is connected. The other roughly 95% of universe that is unknown might be that way for a good reason; to keep humans from messing with it!

Excellent post. Thank you.

ecoecho said...

Michael I loaded your blog to let you know that 2 physics professors made the same discovery I made about sound - enabling macroquantum entanglement at room temperature. This is the secret to levitation as well. But then I saw you promoting Robert Hastings. Sorry to let you know but James Carlson has written an expose on Hastings because James Carlson's dad, Eric Carlson, was at one of this nuke bases where the supposed UFO (E.T. aliens) landed - and Robert Hastings, along with his collaborators has lied about Eric Carlson! So James Carlson has made a point to expose these lies. But unfortunately the "marketing" of E.T. aliens is promoted by the CIA-military as Mark Pilkington exposed so well in his book and documentary "Mirage Men."

Sure UFOs are real - I personally saw a big equilateral triangle craft so close I could have hit it with a rock! No fuselage! Amazing secret military technology. Here is another researcher - Tim Herbert who corroborates James Carlson's expose about the lies about his father Eric Carlson - by Robert Hastings.

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