Thursday, October 5, 2017

Killer Psychosis in Las Vegas

--> by Michael Grosso
Good news for the merchants of death!  After the latest and greatest mass killing in U.S. history, stocks in gun manufacturing are rallying.  This is standard procedure.  There were surges in gun sales after the shootings in San Bernardino in 2015.  After the massacre at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida, in 2016, gun sales surged.  After massacres, gun owners get skittish that the government might take away their guns; so they rush to buy more guns and stock up.  Meanwhile the merchants of death lick their chops as the cash registers ring with songs of joy.   According to Market Watch, the gun industry raked in $51 billion dollars in 2016.  And no doubt business for grave-diggers and funeral parlors was noticeably brisk.

The logic of this phenomenon is clearly perverted.  Imagine a man is told by a doctor that he has incipient lung cancer.  What is the man’s response?  He runs out to the nearest drugstore and buys five cartons of cigarettes.  Sound lunatic?  Consider this. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch reported that "American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer said on his radio show … that the problem at the heart of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas is that too few people had guns." This same suicidal “logic” we saw in the Burns & Novick documentary on the Vietnam War.  The collective unwisdom of the war was: send more troops, do more bombings, make more destruction--and victory will be ours.  The guiding principle was the kill-ratio—as  long as we kill “gooks” in a ratio of 10 to one, we can say we’re winning the war.  57 thousand American lives were lost and we lost the war.

Needless to say, the same catastrophic logic is at work today: we’re sending more troops to Afghanistan, one of our endless wars that suck up lives and treasure while the merchants of death grow richer.  How many times must we suffer the consequences of putting our trust in the logic of more weapons, more instruments of force, murder, and intimidation?  When is it going to dawn on us as a people that we need to put our faith in a different kind of logic?  Not a logic of brutal materialism but a logic of soul, heart and humanity?

Have we even begun to understand what those words mean?  Gun idolatry in America runs so deep, I doubt it.  Murder is as American as apple pie and a Gideon Bible in your hotel. Right Wing Watch noted that on his "Pass The Salt Live" webcast, religious activist Dave Daubenmire said the mass shooting in Las Vegas "was just the latest example of ‘the wrath of God’ being unleashed on America for being such a wicked nation." The same morally degenerate poison was heard spilling from the mouths of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson after 9/11.  Is there any place on Earth where there is more concentrated hypocrisy than among the NRA-Republican Party-Christian fascist-complex?  


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I live in Australia where the gun laws are reasonably strict It is now being discussed by our
politicians that there is no room for complacency.
John Lennon's song Imagine where he sings about the world getting on as one. What an idyllic goal and just imagine the savings that could be made by not using weapons. The starving and poor could be transformed- educated and fed. Just imagine world leaders agreeing to transform the world so people could live in harmony without violence. Just imagine no weapons!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it has occurred to these brain-dead "religious leaders" that perhaps God is punishing us because we keep electing politicians like Trump and his other Republican lapdogs? Considering how conservative politicians love money and hate everyone that isn't white, rich and male, God must be pretty pissed off at the U.S. right now.

ecoecho said...

Dr. Helen Caldicott promises a follow-up to her classic, "Missile Envy" book on the specifics of the psychophysiology involved. Modern humans are more like chimpanzees, whereas the original human culture, the San Bushmen, did not have warfare or raping - instead all the males trained in spiritual healing through trance dance. Robert Sapolsky figured out this psycho-physiology, as he is a Stanford professor studying primates for his career. So he also promotes meditation - it has to do with the vagus nerve versus a positive feedback of dopamine-cortisol for males. I have the training details in my free pdf - we just had a local house of a lady and daughter get shot at due to a neighbor doing "target practice" with military rifles.

Gurdjieff said how modern humans are controlled by the Kundabuffer - in fact Karen Armstrong's book "History of God" does not even give the etymology of the word God. Alain Danielou points out the etymology is the same as Brahman - both originate from the root word meaning, "Bull" and so God is tied to patriarchal plow-based farming, as the bull was the last "wild" animal worshiped and then domesticated. The males, now economically dominant with the plow, did their monocultural wheat farming - and believed that infinity could be "contained" using geometric ritual sacrifice symbols (religion).

The secret of humans is that we are the only primates with the females living in a group in Nature, having their menstruation synchronized precisely with the lunar cycle - and this is due to the pineal gland being activated as the third eye, called N/om by the original human culture. What is N/om? It was called the snake energy by the original humans - the oldest religious statue is a snake traced to 70,000 years ago in a cave at a N/om hill. So the right side vagus nerve is the reptilian "unmyeliated" vagus nerve that connects the reproductive energy to the heart - the right side of the heart - beyond death. The original male spiritual healers transcend death with the hearts physically stopping but this N/om energy is actually the aether energy of reality. So that is the real "god" that modern humans lost contact with.

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