Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Future Consciousness2: A Renaissance of the Will

In my first post on future consciousness, I spoke of what may be coming into play in the next phase of our evolution. What’s at stake is what it means to be human. We may be changing into something new – whether better or worse remains to be seen.  The problem is that technology is accelerating everything and the ultimate outcome is obscure.  We know that it is changing our climate.  There are more subtle changes. Technology is wiping out time and space, eroding the difference between real, unreal, and surreal.

And think for a moment about this.  An unknown (‘dark’) energy is increasing the rate of expansion of the universe; but something analogous is happening, as technology creates an explosion of information, which in turn is altering our consciousness.  It looks to me like a spectacular synchronicity of cosmos and consciousness.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Miracles, Mysteries, and Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa has been officially declared a saint by the Catholic Church, and NPR had an interview the other morning with a physician and historian about miracles.  In order to be canonized a saint, there must be evidence for two postmortem miracles.  Evidently, Mother Teresa was judged to have accomplished that.   

Lest you turn up your nose: The criteria for healing miracles are stringent.  It must be established that the disease was real; that despite all efforts, the best medicine failed to help;  that the healing was rapid, complete, and permanent (the healing must be shown to have held at least twenty-five years). These are tough criteria, and for any miracles so defined to exist at all would be a severe challenge to science.

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