Monday, August 14, 2017

The Most Spectacular Psychic Phenomenon

Amid all the fake and frankly depressing news that swamps us daily, there is a category I’d like to call hidden or repressed news.   I mean news that may grab headlines for a day but is quickly forgotten; news that is extraordinary and mysterious but never fully confronted intellectually as it deserves to be.
Consider, for example, what may be the most spectacular case of paranormality on record: the story of the Zeitoun appearances (1968-1971) of what witnesses believed was the Virgin Mary.  The story appeared in the New York Times and became news all over the world at first, but except for Egypt it faded from public awareness.  But this is still news, extraordinary news but hidden.  So let me summarize the main points on the Zeitoun phenomenon.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Key to a Possible Afterlife

Before modern science, most people assumed there was an afterlife.  But that belief was soon to decline among the educated classes.  With the new 17th century mechanistic science, it suddenly seemed to many of the “brights” that there was no afterlife, no soul, and no God. Science was about what can be measured exactly.  There is no way to measure and manipulate soul, God, or afterlife; therefore, they do not exist!

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