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Wonders in the Sky


An eclipse of the sun can cause millions of people to gaze up at the open sky. The sky and its wonders stir the imagination.  In fact, the open sky is a scene of all sorts of wonders, not just the rare coincidence of the moon blocking the sun for a short while.


It is a fact that people see mysterious lights, forms, objects in the sky that move about in strange ways, unlike any known to terrestrial science.  The study of these fascinating sky-born irregularities is called ufology.  I’ve been working on a report about the connection between ufology and another queer field of study, parapsychology—the study all kinds of experience that escape the net of materialism.  

Ufology and parapsychology like anomalies—literally ‘outlaws’, things beyond our normal understanding. The two fields are distinct, but in fact they tend  to blend. Both research similar kinds of puzzling phenomena.  For example, when UFO beings interact with humans, they do it directly, mind to mind, called telepathy by the parapsychologist.  The two fields blend here. Another example, levitation, the anti-gravity force, turns up in close encounters with alien entities.  The hapless human is abducted into a ‘craft’ by a levitating alien. I knew that the ecstatic Saint Joseph of Copertino could levitate; now I see a UFO connection to the saints. 


One thing I didn’t reckon on when I started to connect the two fields; the tons of available data. So all I can do is offer a sketch of how I would tie the two domains of anomaly into a big  picture.

Begin with parapsychology. Deals with stuff that’s physically unexplained. Psi includes ESP (extrasensory perception) and PK (psychokinesis).  So, the ability to tune into another mind, telepathy; to have access to time past and future, (retro-and-pre-cognition), and to the physical space around you (clairvoyance).  Add to these, empathy and the mystical intuition of the oneness of being.  Major, transformative stuff.


Now the psi effects appear fleetingly in most of us and deeply in very few more open beings—shamans, mediums, mystics, prophets, and the like. The question is, why do we have these potentials latent in us?  To me, the answer is clear and obvious:  they are what we need to complete our evolution as a species.

But now we have to ask: Is the human species on a path of self-destruction?  There are two ways it could come about: manmade global eco-catastrophe and/or nuclear war. Right now various great and would-be great powers are investing billions of dollars in building up their world-destroying atomic arsenals. 

What has this to do with sanity?


Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack interviewed people abducted by aliens. Mack was transformed by his encounters with the abductees.  A major theme of the collective sky epiphanies is to change the way we relate to the natural world, along with a more vibrant human connectivity.  


None of this will happen apart from large-scale changes of human consciousness. It’s the only way to revise the way we see, feel, and understand the world.  Different cultures throughout history have hacked away at the mysteries  of our hidden higher powers. We have to do it in our way in our time.

But first a few facts, not known by many of us.  First of all, UAPs are real.  I know this from my own experience, and so do millions of other people.  What the UAPs are, their origin, and their purpose is unknown.  But they are global with swarms of them in and out of our airspace. Here’s where it gets interesting—stories of military or private attempts to shoot or disable these entities invariably fail.  They tend to treat us with amused condescension.  Can you imagine the affront to mighty America?


But by far the most shocking fact is that the UAPs, in their frequent flirtations with the military, have on several occasions disabled entire nuclear facilities, temporarily.  This cannot make the people at the helm of the military happy.  It also explains why the military has been secretive about the reality of 



The part that I find interesting. Our psychic powers are more evolved in the unknown visitors.  The quest of the paranormal seems to lead to the cosmic visitors we also call UAPs.  This strange story has been unfolding for a long time.  Bit by bit, the truth is emerging.  The more we dig, the more we discover.  I’m always interested in hearing reader’s views  or experiences.  


Miguel said...

That UAPs are able to temporarily disable nuclear facilities may bring some sense of temporary relief for those of us who worry that one of these days a rogue nuclear powers will decide to use these terrible weapons and cause a global catastrophe. However, since it seems that we have no clue about the true nature of UAPs (i.e., those that our government cannot even begin to explain), let alone their origin or purpose, I still worry that we are closer than ever to reaching some sort of tipping point from which there is no return. Whether this will happen (if it hasn't already in the case of climate change) through the use of nuclear weapons or through some other human-originated process, I am afraid that the future humankind is less than certain.

Michael Grosso said...

So far as I know no UAP has ever intervened during any humanly horrific times. With all the slaughtering and genocides of the 20th and so far in the 21st century,the entities did nothing. Maybe they'd intervene to stop a full scale nuclear war. They have, I believe, intervened in religion--they were behind the 1917 so-called miracle of the sun at Fatima--they staged a staggering show for 70 thousand people--on behalf of the Virgin Mary.

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