Monday, January 16, 2023

Why Are We Being Monitored by UFOs?

In my last post, I said there was clear evidence for a connection between the amazing phenomena at Fatima in 1917, the so-called “miracle of the sun” and UFOs.  It’s a shocking connection to notice.  What are we to make of it?  One possibility is clear enough.  But first, a few facts to keep in mind.  The U.S. Government has finally lifted the veil of deception, and made public evidence of the regular invasion of our air-space by UFO technology that transcends human technology. 


We have no idea where these entities come from in the universe or how long they have been engaging with humans. We humans have evolved technologically and scientifically to a significant degree in ten or so thousand years. But other civilizations may be far older and evolved beyond us in ways impossible for us to imagine. Forms of life may have evolved thousands or even millions of years longer than our human evolution are in our midst.   


The agents playing hide and seek with us in our air-space are vastly more evolved than we are, as least technologically. So what then are they doing orchestrating a mass miracle display in the sky that validates a prediction made by three illiterate Portuguese children?  A prediction said to come from the Virgin Mary whom only three children saw and heard?  


We can now form a hypothesis of what may be going on.  Jacques Vallee argued that this phenomenon is best understood as some kind of “control system.”  Something operating outside our normal terrestrial life wants us to believe in a transcendent story—the “miracle” was designed to induce belief in a power beyond the world—a center of control higher than we at present are acquainted with.     


There is another fact about the UFO phenomenon worth stressing.   Worldwide modern reports of UFO encounters took off around 1947, on the heels of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bomb.  In fact, much UFO activity is centered on the production and testing of nuclear weaponry. In 2008 Robert Hastings wrote in the Introduction to UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites: “Periodic UFO activity at nuclear weapons-related facilities has stubbornly persisted over the years and continues to occur.”  Why all the interest?  The answer ought to be obvious. The invention and stockpiling of weapons of planet-destroying power is something a more advanced life-form might well look askance upon. 


It would be a mistake to think that UFO and UAP phenomena are control-systems oriented solely to the good—encouraging spirituality and concerned with the risk of nuclear Armageddon.  A wide acquaintance with the huge literature on the subject is full of dark and sinister reportage. As Patrick Huyghe’s Field Guide to Extraterrestrials demonstrates, there is a wide range of very different types from the Grays and Nordics to he Reptilians and Insectoids. There are different types of ‘craft’, again ranging from very small to forms as large as football fields that move around in impossible trajectories.  There are multiple forms of occupants and multiple forms of manifestation.


We are being monitored by intelligent beings that now and then let us know that they can manipulate our technology and very existence if they want to, as seen from reports of alien abduction.  None of this should surprise us..  Our technologically superior visitors know that we have set into motion climate changes increasingly disastrous to the entire life of the planet.  In addition, we have created and keep evolving the military means to end most of life on Earth with nuclear weaponry.   Is the advanced power trying to steer us toward waking up to a new consciousness and a new way of life? 


A case can be made that agents of alien influence have been around since the dawn of history, trying perhaps in different ways to educate the consciousness of humanity.  A case can be made that this unknown intelligence has played a role in the formation of the higher religions of early humankind, and I believe a UFO influence can be detected in the origins of Judaism and Christianity.  Today, apart perhaps from Marian visions and a few other mass phenomena, the benign UFOs seems to be acting piecemeal on individuals, often manifesting as single encounters or in some cases with individuals repeatedly singled out for influence and control. Given the unprecedented changes unfolding everywhere on earth today, we can  anticipate great creative turmoil in human consciousness. Things are not going to calm down. 




















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