Monday, May 2, 2022

A Psychic Way to Deal With Putin

I was once traveling through Oaxaca, Mexico, when I bumped into a pale fellow American.  I should say he approached me, and politely asked for some money. When I gave him a few dollars, he thanked me and shook my hand.  His handshake was firm but his hand was ice cold—it was a very hot day.


“So how did you wind up here, down and out?,” I asked.   His face broke into a faint smile.  “Do you really want to know?” he replied, and began to tell me how he got stranded in Oaxaca, and it turned out to be a very strange story—part of which contained something I did not want to believe. 


I don’t recall the American’s name, but he was quick to admit he was hunting down the famous magic mushrooms of ancient Mesoamerica that grew wild thereabouts.  He was in an altered state one afternoon, he said, and passed by a small run down house with an outdoor shower visible to the side.  At the moment he passed he noticed a woman immersed in taking a shower. Her long black hair and dripping naked body riveted his attention and he stood there frozen, feasting on the epiphany of the naked showering woman.   At a certain point, he broke loose from his trance and proceeded on his way.


Although he didn’t know it, the woman he had just spied on for a cheap thrill, had been aware of him gawking at her in the shower.  It would be a while before the American would come to realize it. But that night when he climbed into bed and felt himself on the edge of sleep, it began. Suddenly, he felt something crawling up his left arm—and then something on his chest.  He turned on the light and was terrified to see several scorpions on him and then saw little black worms crawling between his toes and felt something on his face.  


This was the beginning of a hallucinogenic assault that was coming from outside himself. The effect on his health was shattering.  Eventually, he was befriended by a local Christian minister who explained that the woman he had looked at in the outdoor shower was a notable witch who caused his hallucinations.  It was a case of psychic attack.  It was a  slow process lifting the spell, and the American was convinced it  was caused by the devil-inspired witch he had gaped at in the shower.


Can one person really wreak havoc on another human psyche—at a distance--a force that goes through all physical barriers?    Milarepa, the great Tibetan mystic, admits that he began his career as a sorcerer, and describes how he raised storms to destroy people who had dishonored his mother.


It was hard to believe that some human beings can psychically influence the minds and bodies of other people at a distance.  In time I was to find such things are in fact quite real and possible.   I could go on about aboriginal men of high degree noted for their ability to sing people to death.  This negative potential shouldn’t surprise us because we have  evidence for positive psychic powers such as supernormal healings.  There’s an analogy with normal science which serves life in medicine but also serves death with its military technology.


Now to the point about Vladimir Putin who as I write is waging a murderous war against Ukraine, one man that has his hands gripped on the throat of the world, and on his vast country with all its people hypnotized, mystified, and terrified into robotic suicidal obedience.


The image of this small man with a pedestrian face holding all of Russia at bay as he directs his conflicted military apparatus to kill their own neighbors,  women, children, hospitals, homes is sickening.  Call it genocide, crimes against humanity, whatever. Everything about this psychotic killer suggests he will not back down. And he’s been waving his atomic arsenal at NATO and the U.S.


Is there a way to slip past the no doubt numerous powerful barriers to the physical presence of this paranoid monster?  Perhaps we could find for the job a new witch of Oaxaca or a reformed Milarepa to perform the necessary ministrations, whatever it would take to stop the carnage. There is plenty of evidence that especially in certain group settings influence across space and time becomes possible. 


Now there must be millions of human beings exasperated by the spectacle of this insane Russian gangster conducting his criminal obliteration of anybody who opposes him.  It might turn out to be an historic experiment: millions joining their minds all over the planet at appointed times.  Now, the physicist Helmut Schmidt, based on his PK experiments, has explained the best way to succeed in a mind over matter experiment.  Don’t analyze, or calculate; just think of the goal, the final effect you’re aiming for.  You have to feel as if  has already been realized.


In the case of the morally demented Putin, there would be a problem.  What would be the approach?  What would millions of people who want to stop this criminal  have to do to make a difference? What goal or end-state must we fervently imagine?  Recall, the assumption is that the  group power can be negative or positive.  If positive, the strategy would be to see, will, imagine Putin  changed in heart, touched, moved, humbled—inspired with real feelings of  humanity.


If negative, what you imagine is very simple; you put all your consciousness into the image of the man in a coffin. It could become part of  daily meditation, one might try  sketching a few skulls, a plaintive tune might help.  And you could dwell on the lovely alliteration of dead Vlad, Vlad dead, repeat before and after every meal.  But with heart, dear reader. With heart.


Anonymous said...

Witchcraft goes nowhere. There are endless monstrous leaders round the world, as well as nearly-monstrous leaders. There are also monstrous work-colleagues, neighbors, businessmen etc. Are you going to kill everyone you don't like or everyone who harms others?

You might want to consider that perhaps the Russian people, or even the world, need to be woken up. Putin might be the unwitting tool to do that. Trump might be the unwitting tool to wake up America. Huge crises are meant to lead to profound change.

Miguel said...

Mike, because I understand that for our intentions to be effective they would have to be truly genuine; felt from the heart, right now I am totally incapable, given my anger toward what is happening, to "imagine Putin changed in heart, touched, moved, humbled—inspired with real feelings of humanity"? Besides, I don't even believe that Putin is capable of experiencing such human feelings. Unfortunately, my end-images for this character -I've concocted a few- have become so vile that I wouldn't dare describe them publicly.

As I think about this exercise and as I will always be an optimist at heart, I am hoping that my position is in the small minority and that a positive shared, world image could emerge that could put a quick peaceful end to this horrible nightmare. Is this a realistic goal? I don't know, but borrowing from Lennon's famous lyrics: You may say I'm a dreamer, but I sure hope I am not the only one. Perhaps we can all join in a shared positive image to end this terrible crisis and the world will be as one. :)

Michael Grosso said...

Thanks Unknown for your comment. My essay contained two options, and neither has anything to do with witchcraft. And Miguel, yes, it's impossible for me too to imagine Putin having a change of heart, and yet who knows, given what we know about the possible power of group directed psychic activity?

Anonymous said...

'If negative, what you imagine is very simple; you put all your consciousness into the image of the man in a coffin. It could become part of daily meditation, one might try sketching a few skulls, a plaintive tune might help. And you could dwell on the lovely alliteration of dead Vlad, Vlad dead, repeat before and after every meal. But with heart, dear reader. With heart. '

You can call it meditation but it's witchcraft plain and simple. Repeating a phrase, concentrating intently, visualising - it's no more than an attempt to harm someone else using a primitive spell. Goes nowhere.

Michael Grosso said...

I said in my post that there were two options, prayer for Putin's conversion or for his destruction. The latter would be comparable to shooting a rabid dog about to attack your children. Putin is infinitely more evil than a mad dog. Ask the Ukrainians if they would approved of some "witchcraft" to stop a mass murderer from rampaging their world. Why so shy, by the way, about your identity?

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