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The UFO-Religion Connection

My own experience and certain historical facts prompt me to wonder about something—not a new idea, certainly not new to science fiction.  I’m talking about an Intelligent Agent X, from outside our planet, orchestrating certain religious events, and maybe other events of historic import.


This is not about science fiction.  To begin with, the American military has finally  acknowledged that an unknown, unidentified aerial presence has regularly occupied our air space, and plays with our most advanced fighter jets, demonstrating abilities that transcend terrestrial technology. This wasn’t news to many people, experiencers and those who have dipped into the vast literature of UFOs.  


A few examples of the UFO-religion connection.  In Fatima, Portugal, 1917, several children claimed to see the Virgin Mary who told the kids to come back to the same spot every month six times.  On her last visit, she promised, there would be a miracle for all to behold.


On that day, October 13, 1917, 70,000 people had gathered at the Cova, skeptics and anti-clericals among  the curious and the believers.  What happened on that  day, in front of the 70, 000, was the mass-viewing of the appearance of the sun being dislodged, dancing in the sky, and plunging toward the ground, terrifying everyone, then shooting back up toward the heavens, and settling back into its proper place.  This is known as the ‘Miracle of the Sun,” and all witnesses, including journalists and anti-religionists witnessed the fantastic event. 


The first thing to note is that this dance of the sun was a mass illusion; if it was for real, our solar system would have been catastrophically shaken up. So without denying what people saw, or any of the other remarkable phenomena, the question is how was this miraculous illusion produced?


Religious believers will say God. But something is amiss in the picture. After the apparent sun dance, the ‘sun,’ the light, is observed to zigzag  away, in a falling leaf pattern, so often reported of UFO lights in motion.  There were also sounds and other UAP markers in the vicinity of where the children witnessed an apparition of the Lady who said she was from Heaven.  For details on the UFO-Fatima  connection, see Jacques Vallee’s classic The Invisible College.   


It appears that we can interact with intelligent agents operating outside our daily 3-D waking world.  Could the visions of Mary have been produced by a highly evolved intelligence with superhuman technologies.   Can it be that a more evolved intelligence has intervened in the affairs of human life by orchestrating the miraculous effects of a particular religious story?


Let me touch on two more examples where it seems possible to think of UAP influence acting on two different religions.  But first a remark on something notable about UAP phenomena of all sorts.  They often but not always begin as points of light that expand and morph into almost anything.  The initial light of a visitation may also appear in some form of fire. One thing we can say: these visitors are shapeshifters.


My first example is from Exodus 4 in the Bible which memorializes the crucial event that freed the Jews from Egyptian bondage. The story is that Moses was astonished by a bush he encountered that appeared to be on fire.  Out of that burning bush emerged the voice of Yahweh that instructed what Moses had to do to free his people.  He encouraged Moses by promising him miraculous assistance, and this would turn out to be true.


Now, voices coming from bushes is a type of UPA motif.  If, as we now know, our air  space is occupied by unknown intelligences, contact and supervision from aliens  becomes possible. Another example may be the inception of Christianity.  For this we turn to the first written history of the Christian movement, Acts of the Apostles, by an author whose literary style mirrors that of Luke, author of the third Gospel, a physician by profession from Syria.


In Chapter  2, we read: “When Pentecost day came round, they had all met together when suddenly there came from Heaven a sound as of a violent wind which filled the entire house in which they were sitting; and there appeared to them tongues as of fire; these separated and came to rest on the head of each of them.” This description  is consistent with any number of UAP encounters in the literature.  We have to remember; the alien presence is a shapeshifter, can create and manipulate hallucinations. In this case, the intervention (the Apostles called it the Holy Spirit) became the inspiration of the early Christian Church.   


My aim is to post a broad question. A super-advanced technology and unknown intelligence has been interacting with us, in all likelihood, throughout human history.  A world of strange facts is forcing us to think outside the box of our routine assumptions and habits of mind. The literature, by the way, is quite clear: there are all sorts of visitors, invaders, kidnappers—good guys and bad guys. So, the moral terrain is slippery.   Watch out for the dark side; cooperate, if possible, with the good side.  What do you all make of it?


Unknown said...

SONG OF THE GREYS by Nigel Kerner sums up the idea of an Intelligence guiding mankind for thousands if not millions of years. This book is a difficult read in places, but Kerner's ideas make a great deal of sense. In used condition a copy of this book can be very expensive if even available.

Michael E. Zimmerman said...

Like many readers of your excellent books, I've been studying the UFO/UAP issue for several decades, including about a decade when I was working with John Mack on "alien abduction." In reading work by John Keel, Jacques Valley and several other key authors, I have concluded that whoever is orchestrating all the strange encounters between god-like beings and humans for millennia are probably not from beyond our solar system. Whoever "they" are has something to do with Earth's own complex, multi-dimensional nature. If UAP were found to be spaceships from outside our solar system, this would be startling to those responsible for upholding the reigning materialist hypothesis (there is only matter, no mind or soul), but this finding would not be inconsistent with materialism. The possibility of intelligent life elsewhere has long been entertained by eminent scientists and philosophers. Far more devastating to materialism would be the realization that UAP involve phenomena that arise from intelligence to which we have only indirect access; moreover, this intelligence (or intelligences) are by no means always benign or helpful. Indeed, alien abduction (or abduction by fairies and all manner of other strange beings) not only evokes terror and ontological shock, but may also involve something like "soul extraction", however this may occur. If we exist in something akin to the Matrix, that is in a virtual reality, then many paranormal phenomena would be readily accounted for--they could simply be programmed into the experience being generated for/through us. Here too, however materialism would have to yield to the idea that "reality" is constituted by information and thus ultimately by Mind. Perhaps there is a Creator after after all, but one that tolerates the intrusion into our world of all manner of seemingly inexplicable and even diabolical entities, as described in such texts as "Hunt for the Skinwalker." Keep up the good work, Michael!

Michael Grosso said...

Thank you Unknown for your reference to Song of the Greys. It sounds quite interesting.
And thank you, Michael for your very interesting comments and allusion to two friends I miss and often think of, John Mack and John Keel. It does seem to me that the world of the unidentified visitors is grounded in a higher mental order and (so to speak) a cosmic argument against the reductive materialism we deplore. For one thing, the visitors display ESP and reports of levitation are frequent. I agree that a good part of the UFO phenomenon is brutal and nasty in various ways, and I sometimes wonder if the whole phenomenon involves some kind of mirror game reflecting our own mixed up reality.
Good to hear from you and don't hesitate to stay in touch ('d like to know what you're up to these strange and fateful days.

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