Friday, September 27, 2019

How to Use Our Natural Mental 'Magic'

What is psychokinesis (PK)?  It’s the ‘magical’ part of our minds. By magical I don’t mean stage magic but the power of the mind to make things happen directly.  A grandiose example from the Bible--God said, “Let there be light; and there was light.” Clearly, a very high form of word magic. The same ancient text says that we humans are made in the “image and likeness of God.” That means we too must have some of that miraculous creative energy, normally ascribed to God.   

Apparently we do, and it’s called psychokinesis.  Physicist Helmut Schmidt performed parapsychological experiments that reveal one of the secrets of true magic. In the experiments, subjects were asked to influence a panel of lights that worked on principles of quantum mechanics.  Some of Schmidt’s subjects scored very high in these tests, proving that by sheer intention they could  influence events at the quantum level of nature.  This is mind over matter with a vengeance.

But how is it done?  Schmidt concluded that psychokinesis (PK) is a goal-oriented process.  The secret is to focus on the goal, what you’re aiming for. Don’t worry about how to get there. Act as if you’re there already.  Focus on exactly what you’re aiming for.  Keeping your attention on the final outcome you’re seeking is the key to PK magic. The useful lesson: by shaping and holding the attitudes of our minds, we can alter the shape of our world.

A keen illustration of Schmidt’s theory are the levitations of St. Joseph of Copertino, as described in my book, The Man Who Could Fly.  Joseph, from his miserable, bed-ridden childhood to the day of his death, was inspired by one thought, one desire: and that was to be out of this world and in heaven.  And above all things, in a manner of speaking. All hope, all heart, all energy was focused on God, the Madonna, all--in Heaven.  Up there! All prayer was oriented in an upward direction.   

He liked to say to his fellow friars when he was overcome with ecstatic joy: “Andiamo compagni, su! su!” “Let’s go, comrades! Up there! Up there!” But with Joseph the metaphor triggered actual flights if physical space, and for 35 years he became the iconic flying prodigy of the 17th century, and, without intending it sailed beyond the physics of Galileo and Newton.

Psychokinesis represents a force that emanates from the Mind of nature—not from the physical dimension of reality.  When science gets the courage to confront the transcendent challenges of mind, it will launch a new epoch of human history.  With climate science telling us every day that we’re moving headlong toward global disaster, we’re going to have to rely more and more on our inner resources.  In the meantime, we have to learn what those resources are.  A little homework would help as we find ourselves trying to cope with the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

Read "Telek" by Jack Vance.

Tim said...

Interesting article and I agree that the mind is powerful and reality is elastic to a point. But does just thinking/focusing without taking concrete action scale up into significant life effects in the day to day world for most? Any time I ever got what I wanted in life, I had to think AND do. Also, most obsessive compulsive women do not end up drowning their babies, even though their mind may be focusing on that awful possibility all the time. Because not accompanied by true approval of the will, perhaps? Anyway, do agree that reality is fluid and mental to a point, but there is a lot of New Age hooey out there and I tend to think mental focus needs to be accompanied by concrete action to get results in the world, for most of us anyway; you do hear some amazing stories like St Joseph and this..

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