Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mystery in the Mirror

by Michael Grosso:
The other day I woke up and proceeded to wash and shave.  It was still a little dark, so I turned on the overhead light and was startled by the image of myself in the mirror.  “Who’s that?” It flashed on me that I was staring at a mystery.

First my body.  I recalled that about 95 percent of the physical universe, matter and energy, is “dark”—in short, unknown, a mystery.  My second thought was that the origins of living matter is also a mystery. Then something else struck me as strange as I looked at my mirror image.  My mind was invisible! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why Do We Have Psychic Powers?

by Michael Grosso:

In the attempt to understand the nature of mind, I’ve traveled all over the map of human experience. Inevitably, I was drawn to the outer limits of mental experience, abnormal and supernormal.  For example, I found all sorts of evidence suggesting the reality of a “next” world. Up until modern scientific times, belief in an afterlife was common and widespread. However, modern science is supposed to have proven the afterlife is a fairy tale.

But that is complete nonsense.  Modern science has never investigated the question because it has focused on physics, chemistry, biology, and other physical sciences. The investigation of psychic powers has been conducted by individuals, groups, and special societies such as the English and American Societies for Psychical Research. A minority of mavericks has always had to battle the physicalist establishment that ignored or dismissed their findings. This unscientific attitude continues to poison the 21sst century, easily proven by reading accounts of anything paranormal in Wikipedia.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Are Miracles For Real?

by Michael Grosso:
Are Miracles For Real?

According to Skeats’ Etymological Dictionary, the word miracle is rooted in the smi of Sanskrit, related to our smile.  In this sense of the word, a miracle is something that makes us smile with awe and wonder.  It’s not often that we can do that; but it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.  And yet, nothing irritates some materialists more than talk of ‘miracles.’ Why is that? Materialists are atheists, but miracle suggests the idea of a God who can suspend the laws of nature and thus perform miracles.

Now that sounds spooky and potentially full of unnerving surprises.  Materialists seem to prefer an orderly universe that can be predicted and of course controlled. Sorry, but the universe is not only spooky, it’s top-heavy with mysteries and enigmas larded with puzzles and conundrums.

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