Saturday, May 27, 2017

Language: The House of Consciousness

by Michael Grosso

The house of our consciousness is made of words. The place we live and the windows we look through are language-woven artifacts.  Living in tense times, as we are, words nowadays especially count.  A tweet can reverberate with unsettling waves across the planet.  Words, magnified wildly on the Internet, can drive one to suicide, cause a riot, inspire murder, even trigger a civil war.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Voices from Beyond: Notes on a "Contactee"

--> by Michael Grosso

In my last post, I spoke to the concept of human singularities, and used the astonishing case of the Brazilian healer, Arigo, to illustrate.  My plan is to report on related cases that qualify as human singularities.  My model for this is Joseph of Copertino, a case of voluntary possession producing a spectrum of psychophysical marvels. Giuseppe definitely scores as a singularity—in the strong, paradigm-smashing sense.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Human Singularities: Arigo and Beyond

Human Singularities: Arigo and Beyond

The point at which an extreme or transcendent change becomes possible is known as a “singularity.” So there are mathematical, gravity, and technological singularities.  They all mark break-off points, openings to new dimensions and realities.  A black hole is a singularity in a region of space where matter exists in a state of infinite density.  Mathematical singularities involve functions where a change in a variable produce a derivative that is infinite.

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